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Welcome to the intensive site of National P.G. College, Bhongaon, which provides a unique Environment for education and maintains a high educational atmosphere for students, staff & all the member.College provides a friendly, inclusive, learning environment and where all take pride in learning.The primary mission of our college is to prepare students to become knowledgeable, contributing citizens in a world of diverse cultures.

Late Mr. Mishri Lal Dube

Founder President

I welcome you to National P.G. College, Bhongaon, a spirit-filled and value based educational home for those seeking transformative knowledge. It's a place where leading scholars and educationists will flourish and go out in the world to spread the light of knowledge.

Late Mr. Cheda Lal Saxena

Founder Secretary

"In selecting one of the programs of this college, you have taken the first important step on the road to a rewarding career in this new age. I look forward to having you as a National P.G. college student."

Mr. Nakul Kumar Saxena


"Education must develop expansion of soul and mind and of moral communion with human world. It must build atmosphere of naturalness and dissolve barriers."

Dr. Asha Rani Verma


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Address: G.T. Road, Bhongaon, Mainpuri (U.P.) India 205262
Telephone: 05673 (263026)
FAX: 05673 (263026)
Others: +91 (8449560760)
E-mail: nationalpgcollege1962@gmail.com